Our Trabant (Trabi) fleet


History of Trabant car

History of Trabi is connected to Soviet Union! One if its greatest products which passionate collectors cant forget became an iconic jewel of the Historical brand. In 1970s – 1975 it was a signature stamp for every quality socialist propaganda movie ;)!

Other brands which have unfairly survived till todays modern production are; Czech Skoda, or former Polski Fiat or Octavia! Former production included the Tatra fanciest Czechoslovakian 1st Republic product!

Prague was totally burried under left-overs from Eastern German emigrants, who got their azyl in early Autumn 1979 when the emigrants came on their Trabants and could only carry 50kgs of suitcases on ther way to the west! David Cerny the (Provocative 21st century Czech Dali) made a great sculpture of Trabant on legs instead of tyres, which represents the circumstances which occured in 1989, its replica can be seen from the side of the German Embassy Garden thesedays. Original is in the Czech Lapidarium (National Museum).



Vintage car Trabant (Trabi)

Trabant is the legendary communist vehicle, which has been popular for two main reasons; it doenst rost because it is made of fabor glass, and its ran by simple easy to be maintained 2 stroke engine, which are more known thesedays in the motorcycles!

The name of the nearly forgotten brand is Trabant, and it actually means SPUTNIK – the satelite which orbits the Earth, or Peoples guide and Peoples car, and as Communism was killing the individualism, every perferved Trabi has a personality and is different from another!

The first factory was in Zwikau, and the first prototype was called P 50, which was a serious success for that time, shortly followed by the type 600! The best known version is the 601 serie; Trabant combi and Trabant tunor (limousine) which were produced in amazing 3,5 million pieces and the latest one was 4stroke produced in only 40 000 pieces partly in Eastern Germany and Hungary.

The vehicle became very popular during the 80s all over the Eastern Block! Simply because of beeing easy to maintain, and able to get far distance if you carried enough spare parts. It also became well know for being smoggy and noisy. When you wanted to purshase this brand in late 70s and during 80s, you either needed to have a good connections in Communist party.or you ended up on the waiting list (up to 1 year waiting time).

The final version was 4-stroke and the last one was produced in 1991. There was also a small factory in Hungary and plenty of Trabant Services all over the Eastern Block.

The main reason why people lost the interest, was because of learning about all those new types of cars from the other side of Iron Curtain. Trabant became the symbol of Communist era and while trying to move on, Trabants got disliked and nearly ended forgotton. After some years past by, older brands started to became more unique and fasionable. Many enthusiasts started to join Trabant Clubs, Trabant Parades and for certain time it looked like there will come a Trabant NT (New Thinking) revival, electric Trabbi was expected to reach the marget in 2012, and first prototypes got produced in 2007, but due to lact of finances it hasnt happened! There is a lot of controversy btw enthusiasts what or if this brand should ever be renewed.

Discover the unique parts of Prague in vintage retro coolest Trabies! We offer the best „coctail“ of natural 95 fuel and 2 stroke oil, which insure that your tour thorugh Prague will be the top of your experience!

Most of our beloved vehicles were produced before 1975, so beeing a driver means – you cant be spoiled, you basically have to earn every move of the car ;), we have carefully trained team which has not only the right attitude to trabants, but unconditional commitment to support this brand as long as we are ;)!