Trabant Prague Tour – our Trabant team and Trabant fleet


Our team is devoted to maintain the brand of Trabant which officially ended up in 1991! We are a group of enthusiasts whos mission is not only to innovate the tourism, but the bring the awareness of the awesomeness of Trabi! We all love our cars, the fact we are entitled to use them as the best form of introducing great Prague and especially to bring you back in time and supply an excellent experience with long lasting laughter and memory!

Explore Prague and its unique sites in Vintage Trabant cars! We offer unique sightseeing experience combined with a driving lecture of Trabant. Our cars are from late 70s, they are well preserved and carefully restored.

Each trabant accommodates up to 3 people + driver. We offer 10 trabants - up to 30 people, If there's more of you, we rent for you a bus from late 50s!


Who will welcome you?


Trabant Vintage car!

- body from plastic (Duraplast)

- two-stroke engine for mix gasoline and oil

- typical engine sound

- blueish smoke from the exhaust and the unmistakable smell

- 0.6 liters engine with 23HP

Our Trabant team!

- group of enthusiastic people around these unusual vehicles

- drivers and mechanics in one

- willing partners, who will teach you how to ride a "relic"

What would you expect?

- plastic vintage retro car with roaring engine

- friendly drivers

- visit the historic part of Prague

- driving lecture

- delicious cold Czech beer

- Czech tasty desserts


Discover the unique parts of Prague in vintage retro coolest Trabies! We offer the best „coctail“ of natural 95 fuel and 2 stroke oil, which insure that your tour thorugh Prague will be the top of your experience!


Most of our beloved vehicles were produced before 1975, so beeing a driver means – you cant be spoiled, you basically have to earn every move of the car ;), we have carefully trained team which has not only the right attitude to trabants, but unconditional commitment to support this brand as long as we are ;)!